Quantum Business
Ho Chi Minh | Vietnam | Brisbane | Australia

About Quantum Business

We are your strategic partner for the sourcing and outsourcing of products and services in Vietnam. We provide the vital link between you and various manufacturers and suppliers in Vietnam to enable you to overcome the many challenges found at each stage of Vietnam sourcing by:

- identifying Vietnamese sources of supply

- qualifying Vietnamese sources of supply

- collaborating and negotiating with Vietnamese suppliers

- on-site evaluations / assessments of Vietnamese suppliers

- Quality Control

We act as your reliable, dependable partner through all three stages of the Vietnamese sourcing process: Pre-negotiation, during negotiations, and post-negotiation. Importers, wholesalers, retailers and, contract furniture buyers are our primary clients. As agents we assist clients source Vietnamese products such as:

- Residential and commercial construction materials

- Natural stone, tile, granite and marble

- Cane, wood and metal indoor and outdoor furniture

- Handicrafts, arts and gifts

- Many other Products (Please inquire)

We locate suitable Vietnamese suppliers for your product based on your specification or sample. We are not tied to any particular factory, so we are free to select what is best for you. We can obtain competitive quotes for all phases of your project. Our fees are reasonable and vary with the nature of the work. Typically, we charge a fixed percentage of the invoice total for ex-factory purchases. Other services are charged differently. Please tell us what services you need and we will present a firm quote. Australian managed and operated with over 10 years doing business in Vietnam, we can provide the international buyer, expert, full time field representation. Acting as your agent Quantum Business assists and facilitates for you the sourcing, development, purchasing, production, quality control, consolidation and shipping of many product categories.

Vietnam is extremely well placed to fulfil your needs. The issue is connecting the dots between you and suppliers - and this is where the expertise of Quantum Business is vital.